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A large part of big data analytics is use of new techniques that look into new data, or data that has been aggregated in new ways.


Such an approach enables organizations in industries such as retail, fast moving consumer goods, banking & finance, insurance and healthcare to engineer innovative business models and gain new insights into boosting competitive advantage.


After analysis and evaluation, we design and recommend the most appropriate technologies to form a flexible, scalable architectural platform for big data analytics.

We helps you transform digitally

Big data analytics

Big data analytics is about exploration and discovery to improve data-driven decision making. A large part of big data analytics is use of new techniques that look into new data, or data that has been aggregated in new ways.

Provision of insights

Consolidation of data gathered from a variety of sources. Insights from factual data are key enablers in terms of cutting costs and revenue generation

Solid experience

We holds a wealth of experience in systems integration and project implementation, partnering with industry leaders to provide solutions which meet customers’ specific needs

Broad resources and skill-set inventory

Strong technical data management know-how

A little bit about us


Billion Key Limited, is a leading IT services company, a digital transformation and outsourcing partner of choice for clients in all industries across the Pan-Asia region. We adopt cutting-edge technologies to empower clients transform digitally, create business values and success in the ever-changing economic environment.

With our global data center coverage, including Cloud, Advanced Analytics, AI, Digital and e-Commerce solutions, we have digitally transformed businesses across many industries, revolutionizing the way they operate, and transforming customer experiences along the way.

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Billion Key is always seeking for World Premium Products for EuroAsia Trading, including eCommerce trades with our strategic Chinese partners.

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The key to our success is a strong team of experienced IT professionals with formidable technical expertise. With clients’ business requirements and current market trends constantly on the radar, Our solutions’ expert teams from diverse industries are committed to proactively driving end-to-end projects and solutions with dynamism and entrepreneurship for continuous business growth.

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